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All-round saddle with adjustable cantle for strong rider pelvises, long horse backs and therapeutic tandem riding with children to promote development. 

Roots Recado 19 inches

  • The tandem saddle was the inspiration for the medical aspects of this innovative saddle series. Children benefit uniquely from the support they receive with and on the horse; their motor and mental development is accelerated cerebrally through the constant demand for balance, and the growth factors of the brain flourish. Therapeutic riding is probably the most effective method of eliminating or containing developmental disorders or delays in a very gentle way, without the known therapeutic stressors for children.

    Protected and stimulated by the therapist at the back, the child looks at the world with all its receptors: hearing, feeling, smelling, seeing, moving, all of the senses are integrated. The rider's optimal body movement is transmitted sensitively and imperceptibly to the child; he gradually reflects these patterns and the brain's movement traces lead to valuable connections between the different areas of the brain. Children should always be supported very carefully based on their individual competence, so that overloading is avoided at all costs.


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