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Saddle girth made of wool felt with intermediate spacer fabric in anatomical shape

Saddle girth felt comfort Recado

  • Saddle girths are an essential part of the saddle system and an extremely important element for the horse's comfort. The girth layer is located directly behind the horse's elbow and can become a disruptive element in a large shoulder movement if it is not provided with physiological cutouts. Next to the sternum are the transitions to the ribs, which are formed by cartilage tissue. This cartilage tissue reacts sensitively to point pressure; the sternum itself has sensitive pain receptors in the periosteum. Furthermore, there is a risk of excessive sweating if the saddle girth material is not able to absorb liquids. The evaporative cold that develops can lead to vulnerabilities in the sensitive lung tissue and, in an emergency, to pneumonia.


    Our saddle girth made of high-quality felt combines the advantages of appropriate care for the horse and optimal fixation of the saddle for the safety of the rider. Elbow cutouts ensure free shoulder movement. The intermediate material made of high-quality spacer fabric absorbs the pressure on the rib cartilage and sternum. The wool felt surfaces immediately absorb the sweat that forms during exertion.

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